What a year! 2020 from a Planet-U perspective

December 28. PUE experts say, PUE news | 3 minute read

2020 was the year that everything was turned on its head. What used to be normal, mundane, daily life was now “illegal”, “not allowed” or “sorry we’re closed due to Covid-19 restrictions!”

It was the year that people panic bought toilet roll (for a respiratory infection), weren’t able to hug their family or friends and the first time since the Diamond Jubilee message that the Queen addressed the nation “We will meet again.”

Despite Covid-19 and the economic and social destruction it’s caused, Planet-U Energy have managed to have their best year yet; expediential growth from both a client and recruitment perspective. We know we’re one of the lucky ones, and not every business has managed to weather the storm, let alone be in growth.

It’s been quite a ride this year, so we wanted to take a moment and reflect upon 2020 and the year that could have been so much for so many…to how Planet-U managed those challenges, navigated such turbulent times and what were the biggest challenges we faced.

Our HR Director, Vicky Limerick, summarised her thoughts,”By far, the greatest challenge we have faced at Planet-U Energy this year is furlough, it was an enormous task for our HR team to grasp and understand at a level to be able to advise, often receiving the information and guidelines and the same time as the general population. We are thankful that our employees at Planet-U Energy took the steps with us and made all transitions incredibly easy.

I must also add that we found we missed seeing our staff daily much more than we had expected, so while furlough was difficult, seeing the Covid (hair) cuts during calls and then bringing everyone back together, was certainly worth the work!”

Looking forward to 2021, we also asked Vicky what her hopes and expectations are for 2021.

“For 2021, I am expecting Planet-U Energy to be in such a position that we will look back to today and it will be unrecognisable, that isn’t just going to come from new recruits, it is going to also come in the form of current staff developing their careers with us. We experienced this during 2020 but I can see this being a big thing in the next year. It is always so rewarding to see people changing their lives”.

Nick Simpson, Planet-U Energy Sales Director, reflected upon a challenging year,

“2020 was a year of realising what we have and not what we think we need. As a business this year has proven to be difficult and challenging due to the direct and in direct impacts of Covid-19.

The team have strived and brought in lots of new business due to their commitment, hard work and dedication to their roles. It has been great to see the butterfly effect with some of the team who have transitioned in this difficult period. A huge thank you personally from me to all members of the Planet-U Energy team who have worked so hard in such a challenging environment.

“2021 is the year where we look forward. We look at our growth plans and where we want to position the business.”

This year the saying “god laughs at best made plans” could not have been truer! Being agile, efficient and throwing away the rule book of “this is what we always do!” is how many businesses had to adapt to survive. Next year we want to help businesses get back on track, reduce their outgoings and ultimately increase their bottom line.

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