Helpful tips on how to reduce your business energy bills

December 30. PUE experts say | 3 minute read

Over the last few years business costs have been rising; from utility bills, rent to the cost of employee wages. Many businesses have been looking for opportunities to decrease these costs wherever possible, whilst maintaining staff levels and growth in the business. At  Planet-U Energy our main objective is to help businesses save money whilst reducing their carbon footprint. Although in the first instance switching energy suppliers or contracts can usually have the biggest impact on decreasing energy bills, we recognize this isn’t always possible. Therefore, we have pulled together a list of useful hints and tips on how you can help your business reduce its energy bills.  

Monitor your energy usage

Most people use energy without even thinking about it. A simple but effective method to keep on top of energy usage could be to put reminders in place to help staff become more energy aware. It could be as simple as a polite notice in communal areas, like the bathroom or kitchen to remind your staff to avoid running taps unnecessarily, to make sure the dishwasher is full before turning it on, and to switch all their appliances and lights off at the end of the day. A couple of simple changes in the attitudes of staff can make a huge difference.

Upgrade your equipment

Even if you’re careful with how much energy you use, your bills will suffer if your business relies on outdated equipment. Upgrading to eco-friendly more efficient models can positively impact your overall spend on utility bills. It isn’t always economical to just get rid of your current equipment and replace everything immediately. So, think carefully and plan. Which equipment is likely to need replacing soon and what might be the most energy efficient replacement? Sometimes, spending a little more upfront can result in huge savings in running costs over time. A great example would be fleet vehicles. If your current lease is coming up for renewal, explore the possibility of replacing your fleet with Electric Vehicles. Although the monthly lease cost might be slightly higher, the money saved on running costs is likely to make an Electric Vehicle more cost effective, whilst benefiting our environment.

Switch your utilities provider

Possibly one of the simplest but often overlooked methods. Contact an energy broker (like Planet-U Energy) and let us look at your energy prices for you. Lots of providers will wait for your contract to end and will put you onto a more expensive tariff. At Planet-U Energy, we have partnerships with over 35 different renewable energy providers so can ensure that you are on an energy deal that suits your needs.

Go green

There are a huge number of new technologies that are constantly evolving. Upgrading your electrical infrastructure does not need to be expensive and it can have a huge impact on reducing your running costs and help you move towards being carbon neutral. Solar panels can, in some cases, completely remove your need to draw energy from the grid as you produce your own electricity. Voltage optimisation can reduce the excess voltage supplied to your business premise and can reduce your bills by 10-20%. LED lighting can reduce your lighting costs by 80%. Instead of going to the petrol station for your fuel, why not change your fleet to Electric Vehicles. Install some Electric Car Charger points and see the benefits of running your vehicles on cheaper, greener fuel.

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